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G R Regan and Son repairs and replaces pitched roofs throughout Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, and surrounding areas
Pitched roofs are the most usual roof construction in England. Typically they slope at 40 to 50 degrees, though they might slope at anything from 15 to 70 degrees. There are various kinds of pitched roof constructions, but essentially they consist of a timber from and a covering that consists of a membrane or underlay which is covered using overlapping shingles.

Most pitched roofs have clay tiles, concrete tiles or traditional slates. As the building ages, tiles often become loose, allowing the ingress of water, which can cause many problems including damp, mould, wet rot and dry rot, and other water damage. This can be costly to repair, so it is important to fix any potential problems before the damage becomes too great.

The most common cause of problems with traditional slate roofs is that the nails which hold the slates in place rust away, allowing the slate to slip or fall away. With roofs that have concrete or clay tiles, the tiles are mostly kept in place with hooks that fit over the roof battens. While the fittings are more robust than nails, they are also susceptible to damage.

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Ridge tiles that are fixed on the top of pitched roofs are fixed using mortar. The mortar can age over time and ridge tiles become susceptible to weather damage. High winds can often dislodge weakened ridge tiles with potentially dangerous consequences. It is important to repair or replace them before this happens.

Lead flashing is often used on pitched roofs to ensure that rain is channelled into the guttering. Damage to the lead flashing joints is not unusual and can lead to serious water ingress problems.

Pitched roof repairs and replacement

It is often possible to repair a pitched roof, and existing tiles and slates can be reused if they are in good condition, though damaged and lost slates need replacing. Clay tiles can often be reused too, but they are often subject to flaking.

Sometimes the best solution is to replace the whole of the roof covering including the membrane and shingles along with repair to any damage to the roof frame.

G R Regan and Son are able to undertake any kind of roof repair and replacement.

  • Tiling repair and replacement
  • Slating repair and replacement
  • All shingle work
  • Renewal of old roofs
  • Lead flashing repair and replacement

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