Solar Panels

G R Regan and Son supply and install solar panels of all kinds throughout Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells and surrounding area
Over recent years solar panels have become a popular choice for households. They are particularly suitable for installation in premises that have south facing pitched roofs There are two main kinds of solar panels and they way in which they can benefit you are different.
solar panels on house in kent
  • Solar water heating– these use the heat of the sun to provide domestic hot water. As sunlight is free, once they are installed there are no additional costs. They even work in winter, though of course not as well as in the summer. While in the summer they should supply all your domestic hot water needs, in the winter you will need to use an immersion heater or a boiler. Please note that they don’t generate enough heat to power your central heating system.
  • PV Solar panels – these use a special semiconducting material that converts sunlight light into electricity. The electricity can be used to power your household appliances and what you don’t use you can sell back to your electricity supplier and get paid according to the government feed-in tariff. There are no running costs, as sunlight is free. Not only will you cut down on your electricity cost, you can even make a profit. Another advantage is that they will reduce your carbon footprint, reducing it by around a tonne of carbon dioxide a year.

We understand that installing solar panels can be a big decision. You will need to consider several items. These include the up-front investment and the amount of savings you are likely to make. While larger systems are likely to cost a little more, they will also generate more electricity or hot water.

We are experts in solar panel supply and installation and we are happy to advise you regarding the various options that are available to you.

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