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5 Common Roof Problems and What to Do About Them

With a number of storms hitting the UK, you may have spent some time looking up at your roof, worrying what’s happening there. We tend not to think about the very top of our home unless we really have to.

Unfortunately, this usually means problems build up over time and only get noticed when something goes visibly wrong.

Here we take a closer look at the 5 most common roof problems and what you need to do about them.

1. Slipped Tiles

Whatever type of roofing tiles you have on your roof, they can often slip or even fall off. This normally happens during a big storm but can occur because of age and wear and tear. Slipped tiles, where the unit hasn’t come off completely but is not terribly secure, are a common problem.

Any moisture that gets into your roof area is likely to cause damage over time if you don’t do anything about this sort of problem. The wet gets into the wooden beams and they begin to rot. That is likely to be a major issue further down the line and one that could cost a lot of money to repair.

Fortunately, keeping an eye on your tiles is pretty easy. Take the time to step back in the street and have a look at your roof. If you spot tiles that are out of place or slightly skewed, it’s important to get them replaced properly and in good time.

Another way to do this is step up into your attic and see if any light is showing through. Always check your roof after a significant storm as this is the time when damage is most likely to occur.

2. Moss Build Up

All sorts of moss and lichen will start to grow on your roof over time and small patches are probably not a big issue. If a bigger accumulation starts to show on your roof, however, you may want to consider having it removed. The moss can grab moisture and obstruct the path of water when it rains.

Moss build-up can occur more often on lower tiled roofs and may eventually lead to damage. A simple way to deal with this is to get up on a ladder and spray the area with a good moss killer. If you notice cracked or damaged tiles, make sure you have them replaced sooner rather than later.

3. Wet or Rotting Roof Timbers

This is a major problem and normally happens when a roof is left without regular maintenance. If you understand that the roof is a vital structure, you’ll pretty soon realise that damage to areas like timbers and supports can have catastrophic effects.

If you have wooden fascia, for example, it’s important to make sure that they are painted and the bare wood is not open to the elements. If your roof hasn’t been checked over for a while, it’s probably a good idea to get a professional to give it the once over to make sure there are no problems.

4. Chimney Issues

Most of us don’t use our chimneys anymore and they can often be left to degrade without much thought. If the pointing has been damaged and is falling off, however, it will eventually make the structure more unstable. If you’re repointing your chimney, this is also a good time to replace or update the flashing around it. That way you’ll prevent further damage and leaking.

5. Damaged Skylights

Finally, if you have a skylight fitted into your flat roof, it’s important to have this checked over every so often as well. It’s easy enough to get up on the roof and ensure the seals are still in place. You should also look at the flashing at the same time. If you notice any damage, it’s important to get repairs done as quickly as possible.