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Top Tips For Finding a Specialist Roofer in Tunbridge Wells

There’s no doubt that roofing repairs are important, whether you’re a home owner or a business. Finding the right person who knows what they are doing is also vital if you don’t want to waste your money and time.

Botched jobs on your roof can impact on the integrity of your home and could well take a lot of money to put right. It pays to hire a specialist who will get things right first time.

If you live in Tunbridge Wells, in Kent, here’s our quick guide to finding the right roofing team first time:


1. Search Online

The easiest place nowadays to search for a builder or roofer is online. It also gives you a pretty good idea of how they operate their business. You should be looking for a company that provides full contact details such as phone number and address. If they’re a limited company they should also have a registration number.

Check the amount of information they provide and how clear and easy to understand it is. We suggest favouring companies that are happy to showcase their work and provide images/case studies of projects they’ve been involved with.


2. Get Recommendations From Friends

Another option is to get recommendations from people you know. If someone has had roofing work carried out, contact them to see who they used and what their experience was. Overall, it’s always best to choose someone who is local rather than a national service which can often vary from place to place on the standards it provides.


3. Choose a Specialist Roofing Service

There are jack of all trades out there who can easily replace a tile or two but it always pays to use a specialist roofing service. Ideally you want someone who has not only the experience but the proper training to do the job at hand – getting it wrong when it comes to your roof can have catastrophic consequences and could cost a lot to put right.


4. Check Testimonials

Most online businesses include testimonials. If they’re subscribed to services that offer reviews such as Checkatrade or Mybuilder, then take a look at these as well as they tend to be more honest. Most reputable businesses will have images of the work they’ve carried out and will be only too happy to give you the name and numbers of people they have undertaken projects for in the past.


5. Insurance and Compliance

When you do contact a specialist roofer in Tunbridge Wells, you want to be sure that they’re adequately covered when it comes to insurance. Any respectable business will have liability insurance and will be fully compliant with local building regulations.


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