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What is a Roof Report and Why Do I Need One?

When buying a new property, it’s become increasingly important to ensure that there are no hidden structural problems that could cause issues in the future. Many mortgage lenders nowadays insist that reports are carried out.

Many home buyers also want to the added peace of mind that they won’t have to fork out extra money because of damage to a particular area like the walls or roof.

A roof report or survey is designed to make sure that you are not buying a property in Sevenoaks which may have problems such as rotted beams or structural insecurity. It’s is normally carried out by an independent, professional team who then produce a report highlighting any particular issues.

What Do Roof Inspections Look For?

There are two stages to any roof inspection. The company producing the report will look at the exterior of the roof and then the interior.

The exterior inspection will look for problems like ice dams, what condition the tiles are in, whether the soffits and fascia are fit for purpose and whether there is any damage to the chimneys. They will also look for major issues such as sagging and rotting wood.

The interior inspection will not only look at the woodwork but what insulation you have installed, whether there is any mould or rotting and any issues with condensation and the potential for moisture to build up.

It takes a trained inspector to spot all potential problems with a roof as some issues are not readily apparent at first glance. Once the roof report has been compiled, it will be given to the mortgage provider who then be able to make a more informed decision about whether they are going to provide a loan, maybe with a retention or not at all.

The Benefits of a Roof Report

Roof reports are ideal for new homeowners for the simple reason they provide complete peace of mind. While the mortgage company may insist that such an inspection is carried out, most new homeowners will want to make sure that the home they are buying is in good condition as well. If you are hoping to buy a house with a roof in poor condition it may be a good idea to speak with a local mortgage broker, they will be able to advise on the possibility of a mortgage lender asking for an undertaking or retention.

Highlighting issues should ensure that problems are repaired before any contract is signed. Roof inspections are also important if you want to make sure that the integrity of this part of the home is maintained, whether you are buying a property or not. Carrying one out at least every five years should help keep any repair costs down over a longer period and ensure problems are identified as early as possible.

Why Choose GR Regan, Roofing Specialists in Sevenoaks?

At GR Regan, we provide roof reports for homes and businesses for pitched and flat roofs. We also inspect areas like chimneys and provide an independent roofing survey that is suitable for mortgage providers.

Our professional team has considerable experience delivering a wide range of roofing services across the Kent area. All our staff are appropriately trained and have the relevant qualifications.

If you need a roof report carrying out on your property or one you are considering buying, contact the team at GR Regan today.

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