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Loft conversions have been a popular way of adding additional living space to homes for many years, though they have become increasingly popular over recent times. Moving to a bigger house has become increasingly expensive, often prohibitively so, though modern living means that many of us urgently need more space

bathroom loft conversion in Sevenoaks

This is particularly the case with families where children tend to live at home well past their teens and often into their thirties before they find a place of their own. Often the older generation also needs to live in the family home.

More people are now working from home, either because they are starting up and running their own business or simply home working for an employer. The priority is a home office so that they can work away from the usual distractions of family life Other reasons for needing more space might be for a guest bedroom and ensuite; a general family room; or just a den for dad.

In many homes up to almost a third of the total space is located in the loft; space that without a loft conversion simply goes to waste or provides low grade storage space.


Our Loft Conversion Process

Undertaking a loft conversion is big project. The first stage is to check whether it is feasible in your property, for instance is there enough space and adequate headroom (the minimum is 2.1 metres)? Next you will need to consider the type of loft conversion you need, generally there is a wealth of options you can choose from. You might need planning permission, though for many conversions this isn’t required.

GR Regan and Son are happy to talk to you about your dream loft conversion and consider the various options with you. We can quickly assess the feasibility and potential of the project and decide on the best conversion solutions for your property. We can organise all the work from the initial design through to its completion. We will provide you with a free estimate with no obligation on your part. Once you accept we will appoint an architect to draw up the plans.

If you are thinking of a loft conversion, We are happy to share our extensive experience with you.



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