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GR Regan and Son handle every aspect of slate roofing Sevenoaks installations. From conception to completion, we raise the roof on expectations throughout Kent and beyond.

The choice of roofing material is one of the most important decisions any homeowner ever faces. After all, the roofing structure sets the tone for the property’s energy efficiency while it additionally protects everything underneath. Slate roofing tiles have been a popular option for over 70 years, and GR Regan and Son’s team of experienced contractors are here to help Sevenoaks homeowners with all aspects of this crucial home upgrade.

pitched slate roofing on a house in Sevenoaks by G R Regan Roofing

Slate Roofing Kent

Slate roofing tiles are commonly available in three main styles – natural, artificial, or zinc – and are particularly popular for homes with a traditional appearance. However, tiles can also be manufactured using clay or concrete, which opens the door to an array of different colour and style opportunities.

The best properties of slate roofing include its durability with slate lasting up to 150 years and slate tiles lasting or around 60 years too. With the right care, then, this will be the last roof upgrade you’ll ever need to make. Despite the natural grey tones, the versatility of textures and styles should not be overlooked.

GR Regan and Son can support you discover the most suitable solution for your property, and can install the new roofing solution to the very highest standards.


Experts In Slate Roofing Sevenoaks Homeowners Adore

For over 30 years, GR Regan and Son have helped homeowners throughout Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas with their roofing supplies. Slate roofing and slate roofing tiles are among the most popular items we offer. Our experience, professionalism, and understanding of your homeowner requirements deliver immaculate results time and time again.

Our comprehensive approach to roofing installations in Kent covers everything from product choice to handling key components like the flashing. Furthermore, we provide advice on maintenance and long-term care, enabling you to reap the full rewards.

Whether replacing faulty roofing or extending the home, our professionalism and commitment to transparent communication are second to none.


A Slate Roofing Solution For You

While all homeowners are united by the need for quality roofing, we all have unique properties and personal preferences. GR Regan and Son don’t just appreciate the different roofing attributes. We also appreciate you. If you’re happy, we’re happy. It truly is that simple.

We offer a full consultation service to ensure that you pick the right type of roofing for your property based on the age, aesthetic, and style of the property. Meanwhile, all structures are designed with the Kent climate in mind to guarantee the very best results every single time. Ours is the only service you’ll need.


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Whether you’re 100% set on slate roofing tiles or wish to discuss all options in greater detail, GR Regan and Son are happy to offer a free consultation to ensure you make the right call. Take the first step to achieving the best roofing for your home by getting in touch today.