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Solar Panel Installation in London

The GR Regan team operates across the southeast, including the London region, providing advanced and high-quality solar panel installations complete with independent consultations, zero-obligation quotations and advice about the best solar set-up for your property and budget.

Fitting solar panels to any London property can increase its value, where homes that are economical to run, sustainable and efficient attract a premium, with the attraction of reduced utility bills and durable solar panels that generate clean energy for years to come.

Our family-run team provides expertise in roofing reinforcements to ensure the roof structure has the right stability to support the weight of your solar panels, with guidance throughout to ensure you select panels, configurations and other system components that match your requirements.

new build property with solar panels in London

Installing Solar Panels to a London Property

The biggest and most immediate benefit of switching from mains power to solar energy is the cost-saving, without future exposure to sudden spikes in prices or the risk of power cuts causing disruption, particularly for those working or studying from home.

However, solar energy is also sustainable, eco-friendly and free, without creating an environmental impact or contributing to emissions. Many homeowners choose to add solar panels to their properties to create a living space that relies on fully renewable energy, with a solar energy system providing substantial cost savings that cover the initial investment.

We can design the optimal solar panel system depending on various factors, such as:

  • The size of your home, the number of occupants and how much electricity you currently use on average.
  • The aspect of your roof and the ideal placements to capture maximum sunlight.
  • Space considerations, with slimline inverters and batteries ideal for more compact homes.
  • Your budget, design objectives and whether you would like your solar panels to be visible.

Adding solar panels to your property is an excellent investment in the future, with a professionally fitted set-up lasting for at least 20 years and often substantially longer with regular cleaning and maintenance.

PV system solar panels and new roof installation

Our London Solar Panel Installation Services

Working with GR Regan provides the assurance of a friendly, jargon-free and reputable service, whether you’d like a small set of solar panels to supplement your usage of mains power or to fit a comprehensive solar energy supply, including a battery.

We offer project management and end-to-end support, assessing your property to ensure you understand how to select panels and system components that are ideal for your energy usage. The advancements in solar energy technology and government commitment to 0% VAT on solar panels and battery units until 2027 make now a perfect time to make the switch.

Efficient Solar Panel Fitting

Our engineers appreciate that any home improvement work can feel disruptive and make every effort to complete your installation quickly and according to your schedule. Once we have worked through the system you would like and you have selected your solar panel design and components, we will book a fitting date as quickly as possible.

Most solar panels can be installed in just one day, with full testing and certification to ensure you are ready to begin using solar energy. If you would like more advice about the suitability of your property and roof structure for a solar panel system or need independent guidance to ensure you choose the optimal panels for your budget, please give us a call or send an enquiry at any time.

The GR Regan team is on hand to respond to queries and can happily walk through the installation process in further detail.