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Green solar energy provides a limitless source of eco-friendly, low-carbon electricity, reducing the costs of running a property by substantial margins while also boosting efficiency, reliable power supplies and the sustainable credentials of your home or business.

As roofing experts with years of expertise providing independent, high-quality services, GR Regan also provides exceptional quality solar panel installations, with advice and guidance throughout from our family-run team of solar panel engineers.

We provide comprehensive site surveys and consultations, no-obligation quotations and skilled, in-house installation teams to ensure your solar panel fitting process is smooth, streamlined and stress-free.

Benefits of Switching From Mains Electricity to Solar Power

The primary advantage of adding solar panels to the roof of your property is the reduction in cost – as we've all seen in recent months, soaring utility supplies can create considerable strain on household budgets and make it difficult to predict further price instability.

If you opt to install a solar power battery at the same time as your solar panels, you have an always-on supply available at zero cost and can even remove any reliance on mains electricity entirely, further lowering your ongoing running costs.

Other benefits include:

  • Protection from power outages and scheduled downtime - particularly valuable for properties exposed to regular power cuts causing no end of disruption.
  • Increased property valuations, where a home with an in-built solar power supply is immediately more attractive since buyers prioritise efficient, sustainable homes with economical running costs.
  • Generating a passive income by selling surplus solar power collected back to the grid expediting the time it takes for the cost of solar panel installation to pay for itself.

Many homeowners and businesses also choose to install solar panels to meet their expectations in terms of carbon outputs, where more and more people want to live in a way that does not rely on non-renewable energy sources and supports the environment.

As solar panel designs become more advanced and the popularity of solar panel installations increases, panels are now more cost-effective than ever, making it more financially viable to upgrade.

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Our Solar Panel Installation Services

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Every property is different, and as a local, independent installer, GR Regan offers guidance throughout to ensure your solar power system is perfect for your home, family and energy consumption requirements. We can dispatch a qualified, professional team of roofing professionals to assess your existing roof structure to advise where repairs or reinforcements are necessary prior to installation, checking that the roof has the appropriate stability to support the weight of your solar panels.

All solar panels, batteries, inverters and mounting brackets provided by GR Regan are sourced from our trusted network of UK brands, providing the assurance of excellent quality and a compliant installation that will stand the test of time.

We can advise on all aspects, including:

  • The number of solar panels and cells required to generate your required power.
  • Battery capacities and placements for an on-demand solar energy supply.
  • Costs and options to select between solar panel brands and mountings.
  • Placements of your solar panels on the most efficient aspect of your property.

From initial consultation through to long-term servicing, maintenance and aftercare, we strive to deliver the best in customer service, helping every client make informed decisions with comprehensive oversight of the best options for their budget and home.

Please get in touch with GR Regan at any time for more information, to discuss the right solar panels for your property, or to schedule a site visit.

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