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Solar Panel Installation in Ashford

If you are considering installing solar panels on your property, there are various factors to think about, from initial cost to energy savings, the location and size of your solar panels, and the types of mounts and batteries most suitable for your requirements.

The experienced team at GR Regan provides expertise across all aspects of roofing repairs, maintenance, renovations and solar panel integrations, providing independent advice and a friendly, professional service as a family-run firm.

We work with residential home owners across Ashford and Kent, ensuring you select the right solar panels to keep pace with your energy consumption and have a high-performance system that will make your property more efficient and eco-friendly.

solar panel installation by GR Regan

The Benefits of Transitioning to Solar for Ashford Homeowners

Here in the southeast, we benefit from some of the longest hours of sunlight anywhere in the UK, with the warmest summers, which makes Kent an ideal location for solar panel installations. While the obvious advantage of switching from the National Grid to solar power is the cost-saving against your utility bills, there are other compelling reasons to consider making your home greener.

While solar panels carry an upfront cost, they usually pay for themselves within a few years – a fraction of the lifespan of a correctly fitted and maintained solar energy system. Homeowners who opt for a solar energy battery can store surplus power for use on-demand or sell it back to the National Grid to generate a passive income.

Other positive outcomes include an uptick in the saleable value of your home, where properties with a good EPC rating and low running costs command a premium, particularly where new prospective buyers prioritise efficiency and sustainability.

Renewable solar energy is free, limitless and plentiful, and it means you can reduce your electricity bills by a significant proportion or even remove all reliance on mains power, making a substantial difference to your carbon footprint.

PV system solar panels and new roof installation

Fitting Solar Panels on Your Ashford Property

There are multiple aspects of a solar energy system, and we always recommend homeowners and landlords seek guidance from an independent consultant before making decisions around:

  • The size, number and placement of their solar panels.
  • The mountings and brackets suitable for their roof.
  • Solar energy batteries, converters and inverters.
  • Integrations with their existing electricity supply and circuits.

An initial assessment of the roof structure is also essential, where roofs that require maintenance may not be suitable to bear the weight of larger solar panels, necessitating improvements or repairs beforehand. Our recommendations are based on things like the size of the property, the number of occupants, the average daily electricity consumption, the size and aspect of the roof, and your budget.

Most solar panel installations in Ashford do not require planning permission, and fall under permitted development rules, which means you have discretion about where you fit your solar panels. Properties with restrictions, such as listed properties or homes in conservation areas, may need formal approval, in which case technical specifications and designs from a local installer are important.

No-Obligation Ashford Solar Panel Installation Consultations

GR Regan offers expert advice and detailed quotations to help you make informed judgements about which solar panels are the right fit for your home, with help in understanding the different models and brands and how the placement or configuration of your panels may influence the amount of energy your solar energy system can generate.

Please get in touch at any time to arrange a good time to talk or book a slot for one of our qualified engineers to visit your property and offer an initial indication of whether your roof requires any advance repairs prior to installation.