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GR Regan is a family-run roofing business with a specialist team of solar panel engineers supporting clients in and around Bexleyheath, fitting customised and high-quality solar energy systems.

Many homeowners recognise the substantial benefits of switching their energy requirements to solar, with a professionally fitted solar panel system providing decades of free solar power, offering vast savings on utility usage.

Our services are efficient, friendly and personalised, showcasing all the various options, assessing the best system design and solar panel placement, and organising free site surveys to help you make informed choices about your solar energy transition.

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Using Solar Panels to Create Sustainable Bexleyheath Homes

Alongside the cost savings, solar panels are advantageous for both property owners and landlords keen to enhance the carbon footprint and sustainability of their homes, with solar panels often fitted at the same time as other improvements such as modern insulation, roofline repairs and double or triple glazing.

Running costs and EPC ratings can impact the saleable value of a property, and a fully fitted solar energy system can increase the market value and appeal of your home should you wish to sell in the future.

GR Regan’s aftercare and maintenance services cover all requirements following installation, from periodic system tests and cleaning to repair works following severe weather or accidental damage to ensure your solar panels continue to deliver reliable, cost-free electricity.

In many areas around Kent, frequent power cuts or outages can be disruptive, whereas fitting your home with an advanced solar energy battery and always-on solar panel grid ensures your lights and electrical appliances will run independently, without relying on the National Grid.

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Choosing Components and Accessories for Bexleyheath Solar Panel Systems

Solar panels form the most visible element of your solar energy system, often fitted to a rear aspect of a property where possible or laid in a uniform configuration consistent with your existing roof design for a pleasing, seamless appearance.

However, there are varied components and accessories that are either necessary to allow your solar panels to work or that are optional to improve the efficient way solar panels collect, store and distribute power. Examples include:

  • Solar batteries to retain green electricity for use on demand.
  • Electrical panels to control your solar energy system.
  • Inverters and diverters to channel solar power into your property.
  • Solar panel casings, wiring and the cells within each panel.

GR Regan sources all solar panels and accessories from our trusted network of UK brands and can offer guidance throughout your system design, highlighting the best options to meet your energy needs, property and layout.

Solar Panel Quotations and Consultations

Our experienced teams have over 30 years of knowledge and skill and endeavour to ensure every customer is delighted with their solar panel system, with the assurance of a local firm on hand to respond to queries or maintenance requests that arise.

Consultations are arranged at your convenience, enabling us to visit your property, evaluate the roof, pitch and nature of your home and make suggestions about how best to place, configure and connect your solar panels to your electrical circuits.

We can provide obligation-free quotations to pinpoint what the full installation will cost and carry out all work through our multi-skilled in-house engineers, testing every system thoroughly after fitting to verify that it works optimally and meets all the necessary safety and performance standards.

If you could like more information about installing solar panels on your Bexleyheath property, the types of panels or positioning that would be compatible with your roof, or guidance about the right way to approach the transition to solar, please get in touch at any time.