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Solar Panel Installation in Bromley

GR Regan provides complete solar panel installation services across Bromley and the wider area, covering Kent and Greater London. We are a family-run group of roofing specialists with a qualified and friendly renewable energy installation team who provide independent guidance throughout your installation.

Solar panels can transform the costs of running your property, and we provide end-to-end project management with all components, including batteries, inverters and systems integrations sourced from our trusted UK network of solar energy experts.

Our focus is on helping homeowners make the transition to solar with confidence that they have a full understanding of all the options, configurations and aspects of their solar panel system to make informed decisions with support at each step.

solar panel installation by GR Regan

Choosing the Right Solar Panels for Your Bromley Home

Fitting a professional solar panel system to your property can make a considerable difference to your energy costs, with multiple benefits, including:

  • Zero-cost solar energy available on demand, with high-performance battery systems available.
  • Lack of reliance on mains power, with no risk of power cuts or outages.
  • Price protection to ensure you can manage your household budget easily.
  • Using clean, green renewable solar energy to make the property more sustainable.
  • Increasing the value of your home should you decide to sell in the future.

However, we also appreciate that the increasing diversity of parts, brands and solar panel designs means there are more options than ever. GR Regan offers obligation-free consultations and can organise a site visit to come and assess the structural stability of your roof and provide initial recommendations.

The vast majority of properties are suitable for a solar panel system, but we may be able to help you avoid spending more than necessary while ensuring your solar panels have the capacity and longevity to keep pace with your average energy consumption demands.

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Working With GR Regan for Your Bromley Solar Panel Installation

As a local firm with a long-established reputation, we are committed to excellent service and endeavour to offer the breadth of our expertise and resolve any queries you may have throughout. We can design a customised solar PV system depending on your requirements, ensuring the design, style, and placement are consistent with your objectives, and comply with all applicable permitted development rules.

There are several factors to bear in mind, which we can discuss with you in more detail, but we will assess the following:

  • Your average daily electricity usage and the size of panels required.
  • The potential benefit of adding a solar energy battery to your system.
  • The best positions and placements for solar panels on your property roof.

We work quickly and efficiently and can handle all the finer details, from arranging scaffolding erections to detailed system testing, verifying that all the aspects of your solar power set-up are working correctly.

Ongoing cleaning and maintenance is also an optional service and recommended to ensure any dust, dirt or residues are removed from the panels. While solar cells require minimal maintenance, regular servicing can avoid any drops in efficiency and keep your solar supply at a suitable level.

If you would like further information about installing solar panels to your Bromley home or would like to arrange a site visit to inspect your roof and advise whether it has the reinforcements necessary to bear the weight of your solar panels, please get in touch.

We can offer quotations, advice and suggestions, with no pressure to proceed until you are satisfied that a switch to clean, green and free solar power is the right choice for you.