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Solar Panel Installation in Kent

GR Regan supplies and fits a range of custom-installed solar panels, including solar systems and batteries, for homeowners across Kent.

Solar energy is an expansive, limitless and FREE resource which is sustainable, green and clean. It’s little wonder thousands of homeowners in Kent and the surrounding region have opted to upgrade to solar and bypass growing electricity costs!

Installing solar panels on your home removes reliance on the National Grid. Our high-quality solar panels provide an affordable solution, with aftercare and tailored advice from our experienced team.

We supply and fit comprehensive solar systems, using leading solar panel brands and components to provide seamless installation and a future-proof energy supply.

Kent Solar Panel Installations

GR Regan is a roofing specialist, and as a family-run company with over three decades of experience, we pride ourselves on our safety, service and quality standards.

Our qualified installers fit a range of low-maintenance, durable solar panels that add value and style to your property, with advice available about optimal installation locations and the right size and configuration of your solar panel grid.

We provide ongoing maintenance as required and can recommend solar panels that are consistent with your requirements, electricity demands and desired aesthetic.

solar panel installation by GR Regan

Solar Panel Systems

Solar panels and PV systems come with varying capacities, sizes and functions. GR Regan provides a comprehensive service from solar panel design to upkeep, including every element of your solar system, such as:

  • Solar panels comprising casing, wiring and solar cells.
  • Inverters to convert DC electricity into compatible AC.
  • Electrical panels connecting your solar panels with your appliances.
  • Batteries (energy storage systems) to preserve energy for later usage.

Our friendly team can steer you through the choices available, ensuring that your solar system perfectly suits your property and green energy needs.

Residential Solar Batteries

Although some solar systems do not include a battery, an energy storage system can be invaluable in avoiding energy wastage and storing power for use when required or during poor weather when solar panels collect slightly less energy.

For example, you can save electricity collected during the day to power appliances and lights overnight or transfer excess energy to the grid to generate additional income.

Solar power batteries are ideal for versatile energy consumption needs or where your family spends most of the day away from home but requires reliable electricity at other times.

Installing a battery can maximise your use of renewable energy and limit or remove any mains power usage.

solar panels house

The Benefits of Solar Panels for Your Home

One of the primary advantages of solar panels is that you can significantly reduce your utility bills without any ongoing costs once your solar panel installation is complete.

Surplus energy can be stored in a professional-grade battery or sold to the National Grid, depending on your requirements.

Other benefits include:

  • Reliable energy supplies – many homes in remote areas or high-demand cities find power cuts and blackouts increasingly common. An independent power supply ensures you have always-on energy available.
  • Price protection – rising strain on energy markets has caused prices to skyrocket, with long-term volatility expected. Solar energy is free and can even generate earnings by selling excess power.
  • Carbon footprint – a sustainable, eco-friendly home often achieves a higher market value and harnesses renewable energy without releasing pollutants into the environment.

Contact the Kent Solar Panel Experts

GR Regan specialises in roofing projects, with a solar panel installation team focusing on Kent residential properties.

If you need any advice about the right solar panels for your home, the energy efficiencies available, or would like to schedule an obligation-free quotation, please get in touch at your convenience!