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Solar Panel Installation in Maidstone

GR Regan’s Maidstone and Kent roofing team provides comprehensive solar panel installation services, helping local clients select the optimal solar power systems to suit their roof, property energy consumption and budgets.

We carry out all assessments, quotations and installations in-house, with a multi-skilled team of engineers and roofing specialists, operating as a family-run, independent company with years of expertise in every aspect of roofing maintenance, design and repair.

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Designing a Solar Panel System for Your Maidstone Property

While solar panels form the most visible part of a solar energy supply, there are various components and aspects of the system to consider. An inverter is necessary for all solar power set-ups and converts the green energy collected from the sun into power that is compatible with your household appliances and lighting networks.

Mountings are fitted to your roof and support the solar panels, with various options depending on the size and pitch of your roof, the number of solar panels you require, and your preferences in terms of aesthetics and appearance.

Solar batteries are optional but can be a viable investment. The battery stores sustainable energy – making power available on demand at any time of day or night, even if the solar panels have been in darkness for several hours. We can walk you through each of these system components to help you choose the right solutions, aligning your solar panel installation with the energy demands of your home.

Benefits of Fitting a Maidstone Solar Energy System

Energy converted from solar rays is free, limitless and plentiful, with advanced solar panel systems able to collect power even when the weather is overcast. One of the biggest benefits is the cost saving, without the potential of receiving unexpected electricity bills for many times more than you were expecting.

Solar panels also reduce the carbon footprint of your property and make it more sustainable to run and live in, with the option of charging an electric or hybrid vehicle free of charge from a solar battery. Switching from the mains grid means you are not exposed to power cuts – scheduled or not – an important consideration for those who work from home and find outages disruptive and costly.

Finally, a solar panel system is an excellent option for homeowners keen to increase the value of their properties, with buyers prioritising buildings that are economical, environmentally friendly, and have great energy efficiency ratings.

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Costs vs Returns of Maidstone Solar Panel Installations

The GR Regan team often consults with clients who are interested in how quickly their solar panels will pay for themselves – the answer very much depends on the size of your solar panels, the aspect of your roof, the capacity of your solar battery and how much energy you require.

On a like-for-like basis, the solar energy produced through a solar panel system is up to four times cheaper than electricity extracted from the national grid, saving you money on reduced utility charges for every individual kWh of power you consume.

Properties that collect significant amounts of solar power that exceed their requirements can also offset the investment in a solar panel system by selling unneeded energy back to the grid – creating an ongoing passive income stream to ensure solar panels pay back the original cost in a shorter time frame.

Please get in touch at any time for a more accurate price indication, to book a site visit at your convenience, or to request further information about our solar panel installation services, maintenance and after-care.