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Solar Panel Installation in Orpington

Fitting solar panels to the roof of your Orpington property is an excellent way to control your utility costs, reduce any exposure to the disruption of power cuts, and improve your home’s efficiency and eco credentials.

Solar panels come in various sizes, materials, specifications and types, and the GR Regan team can provide independent assistance to help you select the most suitable panels and comprehensive solar energy system.

Our local engineers are qualified, professional and friendly, offering obligation-free quotations and home visits across Orpington and the southeast to suggest the sizing, placements and batteries that match your energy consumption requirements.

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Choosing Solar Panels for Your Orpington Property

Like most home improvements, there are multiple brands and features that you may prioritise when picking the ideal solar panels, and we source top-quality brands from our extensive UK supply network to offer high-performance panels with manufacturer warranties for your peace of mind.

The most popular solar panel for a residential home is a monocrystalline panel, which contains high levels of pure silicon to convert sunlight into power, with costs depending on the number of panels required and the solar cells within each panel.

You can also select your choice of mountings and decide whether to include a solar energy battery. Batteries are not mandatory but often advisable since they store all the solar power collected during the brightest parts of the day, keeping your home running smoothly in the evening and overnight.

Solar energy systems that generate more power than needed can even provide a secondary income, where surplus energy automatically diverted to the National Grid attracts a payment in return.

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Premium Quality Orpington Solar Panel Installations

As the solar energy sector grows, we appreciate that every homeowner needs to be confident that they are selecting the optimal solar panels that will work perfectly for years to come. We pride ourselves on transparency and customer service.

GR Regan is a family-run business, and we endeavour to share our knowledge and expertise, from assessing any repairs necessary to reinforce your roof and ensure it is strong enough to support the weight of your panels to offering calculations to avoid investing more than necessary in additional solar cells.

During the installation process, we work quickly and efficiently to avoid causing any disruption, testing and verifying each element of the solar energy system to confirm it is functioning correctly before we leave the site.

Our services are end-to-end, and we always take care of every detail, fitting the panels, mounts, cabling, inverter, battery and other accessories through our multi-skilled in-house team. Additional components, such as power optimisers, can be ideal for properties with partially shaded access to direct sunlight, although they may be unnecessary for other homes.

Maintaining Solar Panel Systems in Orpington

Maintenance can make a significant impact on the longevity and efficiency of your solar panels, removing dust and dirt, which can limit the amount of energy the panels can convert, and conducting regular tests and servicing to address any issues that develop over time.

We deploy years of experience in roofing construction to advise where repairs or preventative maintenance would be beneficial, extracting maximum value for money from your solar panels and extending their lifespan for as long as possible. Solar panels should last at least 20 years and may last considerably longer with routine servicing.

For more information about solar panel systems, the right options for your home, or to organise a site visit to your Orpington property, please get in touch at your convenience.