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Solar Panel Installation in Oxted

GR Regan is an established and reputable roofing specialist working with clients around Oxted and Surrey, providing solar panel installations, consultations and roofing adaptations where a roof requires repairs or reinforcements to be stable enough to support a full solar panel configuration.

Our teams can organise site visits and design systems to ensure your solar panels are the optimal choice for your property, enabling you to save substantial costs in running your home while benefiting from an augmented property value, reliable energy supply and greater sustainability through renewable solar power.

solar panel installation by GR Regan

Switching to Solar Power Home Systems in Oxted

Many homeowners initially consider fitting a solar panel system since the instability of utility prices and record-high costs over the recent years have demonstrated why reliance on mains power can be inadvisable – with further suggestions of planned power outages making some areas more prone to power cuts.

Particularly for homeowners trying to balance budgets or ensure they have an always-on power supply while working during the evenings, solar panels with a solar battery are an ideal solution while simultaneously adding efficiency and helping to protect the natural environment.

Schemes such as the Smart Export Guarantee also mean that homes in Oxted with high-functioning solar energy systems can generate an income from surplus power, expediting the time it takes for a solar panel set-up to pay for itself in energy savings.

Oxted Solar Panel Installation Surveys

The first step is to book a site survey, where our skilled and friendly engineers can have a chat about your property and energy usage, review your roof, and make initial suggestions about the best way forward.

Our surveys and consultations are always free of charge and carry no obligation – an invaluable service to help to determine which types and sizes of solar panels are likely to suit your requirements and establish an idea of potential costs for the supply and installation.

While fitting solar panels and other components requires an investment in your property, this can pay dividends. Homes with sustainable and independent, zero-cost power supplies can attract significant price premiums when sold, and with reductions as high as 70% against your electricity bills, the returns are excellent.

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Benefits of Choosing GR Regan for Your Oxted Solar PV System

Solar panels have evolved in a few short years, and advanced technology and inverters converting DC power into AC electricity have become more affordable and accessible. Government initiatives which have frozen VAT on solar panels and batteries at 0% for the next four years also make it a perfect time to consider the transition to clean, green power.

Our commitment to customer quality and reliability ensures you receive independent advice to help you make informed decisions about the right solar panels for your home, with low maintenance options that simply need a service and clean every now and again.

Solar batteries are entirely optional but can be a great option if you wish to be completely independent of the grid, would like to reduce your utility costs as much as possible, want to be protected from power cuts, or wish to get the most from your solar panels.

Energy collected during the hours of daylight is stored in the battery for on-demand use, ideal for households with the highest electricity demands during the evening or overnight. Good quality solar panels that have been installed by professional engineers can collate solar power in any weather conditions, and we can advise on the appropriate battery sizes and types following our complimentary site survey.

If you would like more information about installing a solar panel system for your Oxted property, please get in touch at any time.