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Solar Panel Installation in Sevenoaks

Fitting a solar power system can transform your energy usage costs, capturing the power of eco-friendly solar energy to replace costly utility bills, maximising the average 4.5 hours year-round of sunshine per day in Sevenoaks and Kent.

Solar panels can be fitted to almost any property, tailored to your energy consumption requirements and budget, ensuring that you have a low-cost power supply and can rely on your autonomous solar power stored in your battery to keep your appliances running.

GR Regan provides complete solar panel installations in Sevenoaks and the wider Kent region as a family-owned business with a strong focus on service, independent expertise and guidance to help you make the right choices for your home and energy supply.

solar panel installation by GR Regan

Selecting the Right Solar Panels for Your Sevenoaks Home

We’re often asked about the cost of transitioning to a low-carbon solar power system, and a lot depends on the size of your property, your power requirements, and the number of solar panels necessary. Most homes have between two and 16 panels, but compact yet high-efficiency panels can be an optimal solution for smaller homes.

Our consultants can work through the details to help you ascertain the requisite number and configuration of panels based on the aspect of the roof, average daily electricity demands and the size of the installation space.

It is always worth speaking with a local roofing expert to ensure your roof is stable and has sufficient support to bear the weight of your solar panel system beforehand – we offer a full service and can complete any necessary repairs prior to installation.

Solar Panel Efficiency in Sevenoaks and Kent

Efficiency is important because panels with an efficiency rating of 25% are at the top of the range and can extract greater power reserves during the same exposure to sunlight than more modest solar PV cells, which meet the general standard of 10 to 20% efficiency.

However, the perfect solar panels and setup for your property depend on several variables, including:

  • Your budget, property size and the number of occupants.
  • The size and location of the roof and the maximum number of solar panels it can accommodate.
  • Any preferences in terms of aesthetics, mountings and installation placements.
  • Connections with a solar energy battery and your property circuit board.

Some homeowners opt for smaller solar panels to replace the majority of their electricity usage, whereas others prefer to invest in a larger-scale installation to supersede all reliance on the National Grid.

In many cases, we can help optimise the power your solar panels generate by advising on roofing angles, shade, ongoing maintenance scheduling and placements to ensure your panels are fitted in the ideal spot to produce as much electricity as possible.

Our local team can also provide routine maintenance and servicing, ensuring that your panels are clean and have no dust, dirt or other residues that impact their efficiency.

new build homes solar panels

Professional Solar Panel Installation Services in Sevenoaks

GR Regan is a roofing specialist and sources solar panels and components from respected UK brands with inclusive manufacturer warranties for peace of mind. Once you have selected your preferred solar panels and made decisions around positioning and functionality, our in-house engineers work professionally and quickly to complete the installation.

Where scaffolding is required, we can arrange this on your behalf, ensuring minimal disruption, with comprehensive post-fitting testing to verify your new solar energy system is working well.

Please get in touch at any time to arrange a no-obligation quotation or to request advice about the right solar panel setup for your property.