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Solar Panel Installation in Tonbridge

Fitting solar panels to your property in Tonbridge can provide immediate reductions in utility costs while lowering the carbon footprint of your home and ensuring you have a reliable, durable power supply that relies solely on free, green solar energy.

Investing in solar panels ensures your property captures solar rays year-round, even during overcast conditions, creating a home that is highly efficient and economical, with savings more than covering the cost of installation over time.

GR Regan provides comprehensive solar panel consultations and installation services throughout Tonbridge and the surrounding Kent area, with free quotations available on request, alongside an analysis of your property aspect and roofing structure to help you make knowledgeable decisions.

solar panel installation by GR Regan

Installing Solar Panels in Tonbridge and Kent

As a professional, experienced and family-run roofing team, GR Regan provides high-quality solar panels fitted by qualified engineers, complete with manufacturer warranties and certified work standards – an essential aspect for landlords, commercial buildings and homeowners considering selling in the coming years.

Alongside recommendations and advice, we offer ongoing maintenance support. Although solar panels require little in the way of servicing, maintenance and cleaning keeps the solar cells operating efficiently and can optimise the power you collect through your solar panel system.

There are multiple potential types of solar panels, sizes, configurations and placements, and we support Tonbridge clients by providing independent suggestions, ensuring you select panels, inverters and batteries aligned with the size and requirements of your property without spending more than necessary.

Choosing the GR Regan Tonbridge Team for Your Solar Panel Installation

We pride ourselves on exemplary customer support and appreciate that many homeowners new to solar energy systems need thorough advice before they can choose the components that will prove the most beneficial.

The first step is to book a site visit or give us a call for a friendly chat, where we’ll explain some of the factors that can influence the solar panel set-up we suggest, such as:

  • The number of occupants in your home and your average current electricity usage.
  • The size and nature of the property and the aspect of your roof.
  • The area you live in Tonbridge, with some conservation buildings needing planning permission.

Our job is to make your switch to solar seamless, incorporating surveys of the roof structure, guidance about repairs or reinforcements necessary, and helping you understand the type of panels and battery that have the capacity to replace your existing electricity usage.

new build homes solar panels

The Solar Panel Installation Process

Batteries are an optional feature in your solar energy set-up and can be a useful addition if you tend to use more electricity during the evenings and overnights – this is common for many families, particularly for those who are at work, school or university during the day when solar power is more plentiful.

Installing a battery ensures you have on-demand power there as and when you need it, although your property remains connected to the mains electricity supply as a backup should it become necessary.

Excess solar energy is automatically directed back to the grid, so a battery allows you to store solar power as it is generated and converted into compatible electricity through an inverter for use with your lighting systems, appliances and other electric power outlets such as vehicle charging points.

During the installation, we work quickly and efficiently and manage each project end-to-end, from scaffolding erection to system testing. For more information about installing solar panels on your Tonbridge property, please get in touch at any time.