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Solar panels can be a fantastic way to reduce your energy bills – forever! However, there are varied solar panel systems, batteries and configurations, and a lot depends on your property’s energy demands and current electrical system.

GR Regan is a family-run roofing specialist working across Tunbridge Wells and Kent, providing independent advice and guidance to ensure you pick the perfect solar energy system, reducing your utility costs, lowering your carbon footprint, and even charging an electric vehicle or hybrid at zero cost.

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Picking the Ideal Solar Panel System for Your Tunbridge Wells Home

There are several factors our solar panel installation team will consider before suggesting the right size and setup for your solar panels, including:

  • Your budget and the size and aspect of your roof.
  • The power output required and the number and type of solar cells necessary.
  • Mounting options for aesthetics and to blend with your roof structure.

Solar PV panels can provide sufficient electricity to power your whole property and electrical appliances. They can comprise polycrystalline or monocrystalline panels, which vary in price, efficiency and appearance.

Most homeowners opt for monocrystalline panels, which are black in colour and look more stylish and contemporary – they are also the most efficient solar panels, albeit with a slightly higher price tag than poly solar panels.

Power outputs also vary, with solar panels suitable for properties in Kent usually providing a power output of around 250 to 360 Watts, so our installers will look at the electricity you require within your home to ensure your solar panels have the right specifications to provide continuous power.

Average Cost Savings for a Tunbridge Wells Homeowner Through Installing Solar Panels

Of course, one of the primary reasons so many homeowners opt to fit solar panels is to reduce the cost of running their home, and the good news is that a professionally installed solar energy system will last for years and pay for itself over time in significant utility cost reductions.

Solar panels work at their best in the summer months when exposed to longer daylight hours but continue to generate energy even during the winter or when the weather is overcast.

The average savings amount to an immediate drop of between 40% and 50% in energy costs, meaning that a solar panel system on a typical Tunbridge Wells property size will have repaid the initial investment, available grants notwithstanding, within 11 or 12 years.

However, fitting a solar energy battery to store your solar power can expedite that timeframe by conserving energy for use on demand, further reducing any need to access electricity through the National Grid. You can also sell surplus energy back to the grid in return for payment!

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Comprehensive Tunbridge Wells Solar Power Systems Installations

Alongside site surveys, no-obligation quotations, roofing structure repairs prior to fitting and installing the solar panels and connections, GR Regan can supply high-performance solar batteries based on the size of your home.

Even compact solar PV panels often create more energy than a residential property requires. Hence, a battery is an opportunity to retain power until required or earn a passive income when unused energy is automatically directed to the National Grid.

UK energy usage typically peaks during the early evening, when natural sunlight is weak, which means a great quality battery will be primed to provide the energy necessary during this part of the day, having charged to capacity earlier in the afternoon.

Fitting a solar energy battery provides the reassurance that in power cuts, your green, low-carbon power supply will continue to operate flawlessly and keep your lights and appliances running smoothly.

For more information about selecting solar panels for your home or arranging a professional consultation, please get in touch with our friendly team to arrange a convenient time to talk.